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Moritz Grossmann GMT

 small business growth tips that have been proven effective

January 18, 2021

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Even if you’ve only just started your entrepreneurial journey, it’s natural to contemplate small business growth. After all, no one opens a business without the intention to scale. Having a growth-mindset has proven to be an instrumental trait for success in entrepreneurship.

This doesn’t mean that all small businesses should become large corporations one day. It just means to maximise the company’s potential and stabilise revenue. The following small business growth tips will give you an idea of how you can do it. It takes action and constant effort to take your business on the next level.

Customers and clients won’t come knocking at your door if you don’t show them the door, and more importantly, what’s behind that door.



1. Don’t give up


2. Automate with technology


3. Customer-focused mindset


4. Focus on one lead source


5. Listen to your customer


6. Keep innovating


7. Reflect on your marketing actions


8. Detach yourself from day-to-day workings


9. Invest in your team


10. Personalise the customer’s experience


11. Find out who your ideal client is


12. Start with organic marketing


13. Find a mentor


14. Learn from your most loyal clientele


15. Collaborate with other businesses


16. Focus on your vision and goals


17. Delegate work


18. Keep a rolling budget


19. Retain existing customers


20. Cut costs wherever possible


21. Take calculated risks


22. Build a marketing strategy


23. Prioritise opportunities


24. Have realistic goals


25. Be committed to growth


26. Go online


27. Create a financial forecast


28. Develop profit-improvement strategies


29. Leverage digital marketing


30. Go extra miles for your customers

30 unique small business growth tips

Many of these unique small business growth tips look obvious and intuitive but it’s safe to say our brains often ignore the evident and try to overcomplicate things. So let’s see how many of them you’ve already implemented.

Don’t give up

Don’t quit. You may not be the biggest, most unique, or in-demand product or software, but you have the drive. Stay driven. Utilize technology when you can to automate your workflows, and get yourself a team of mentors. Just don’t quit.

Guillermo Gette, CEO at Workast

Automate with technology

Use technology to your advantage to automate manual or repetitive processes. There are great tools like Zapier and Glide Apps to automate repetitive tasks and help you keep track of everything that is going on in your business.

Jesus Vargas, Founder of LowCode Agency

Customer-focused mindset

My number one tip would be to think about your customers and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself questions like what does my product/service do/what problems can it help them solve? You need to have a customer-focused mindset and focus on both attracting and retaining customers.

Jacob Dayan Esq, CEO and Co-founder of Community Tax

Focus on one lead source

My number one tip for business growth is to focus on one lead source/marketing avenue at a time. There are so many ways to grow a business, whether it be through online advertising, direct mail, or partnerships. However, because each lead source is different, you need to dedicate time to learning the ins and outs of each one. If you focus on too many lead sources at once, you won’t be effective at any of them.

Filip Duz, Owner of Giraffe Window Cleaners

Listen to your customer

Proactively approach your existing customers and ask them what current pain-points they experience, what needs they have, which products or services they wish they had. You already did the hardest part – acquiring a loyal customer. There are likely tons of opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell them new products and services that would make them even more in love with your business while helping you grow faster!

Julia Lemberskiy,  Co-Founder and Managing Director of JJ Studio

Keep innovating

Never stop innovating should be the constant organizational theme. By staying ahead of the curve and creating a distinctive niche in the marketplace, that alone should generate a competitive advantage while better serving the needs of clients and prospective clients. Effectively marketing one’s unique selling proposition while always under-promising and over-delivering is then expected to produce exponential results.

In other words, an effective organization is always exceeding expectations with a high-touch client experience that generates repeat business and future referrals, thus, minimizing acquisition costs. And at the same time, there should be a keen institutional focus on promoting underlying brand values both internally and externally in order to create a positive culture that fuels continued growth.

William Scott Goldman, Founder of Goldman Law Group

Reflect on your marketing actions

When a business owner comes to me for business growth advice, the first thing I encourage them to do (and share with me) is to reflect on what they’ve already been doing to market the business – sometimes that honest review shines a light on opportunities and weaknesses. Both are areas to improve. From there the business owner can set specific goals. Learn more about customer mapping.

With that evaluation in tow, my advice is consistent: seek out more ways to educate their audience with their marketing and storytelling. Finding ways to show-not tell and to add value for the audience – without asking for the sale. It may seem counterintuitive to give value for free but it is a winning strategy that I’ve seen pay off many times.-