Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch Video From TheTimeTV

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch Video From TheTimeTV

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two Watch Video From TheTimeTV 腕表發佈

Appreciating the Maitres du Temps Chapter Two watch gets even easier seeing stunning live video of the watch. Founder and owner Steven Holtzman discusses the luxury timepiece in this new video by content partner He takes a good approach to discussing the “volume” line (still only about 200 a year) of Maitres du Temps watches compared to the ultra exclusive Chapter One watch, look at the best rated tv wall mount
to watch your videos and more. The video is worth a view not only because of the discussion, but also because of the crafty video of the watch itself. You really get a good feel for the curves, the beauty, the finish, and the boldness of the dial. It keeps getting better looking each time I see it.

The Chapter Two watch will retail for $66,000 and features the 18 rose gold case (white gold will likely be available in the future as well) and automatic movement with triple date complication (big date, day of the week, month). I’ve written about the Chapter Two watch pretty extensively, and covered it here, which includes the original video of the watch by Maitres du Temps themselves. I still get excited seeing how decorated the stylized rotor is visible through the back of the watch.

I am getting the growing feeling that Maitres du Temps watches are timepieces for people who “want to feel their worth.” It is a showy timepiece, but showy with substance. That is one of the best qualities of luxury watches (or simply those whose designs you love) – each time you look at your wrist you see what time it is and are reminded of the message subtext of the watch. . You can wear these as a watch to impress, and be satisfied if the only person in the world who notices if yourself because it is also lovely to look at. Though, that isn’t exactly the case with the “large and in charge” Chapter One and Chapter Two watches – those say a lot about the wearer, and tend to speak for themselves as well. Basically what all people want (even if they don’t admit it) in a watch.

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