A Guide To Avoiding Fake Watches

A Guide To Avoiding Fake Watches

A Guide To Avoiding Fake Watches 腕表選購

Over on Forbes we published a useful article called “The Truth About Replica Watches.” You may or may not know that I write about watches and luxury regularly over on Forbes. We don’t typically point aBlogtoWatch readers over to my posts there, but I encourage you to follow my articles on Forbes. Having said that, in this instance we felt it was worth sharing a guide-style article we did helping to educate people about fake watches.

One of the best ways to avoid purchasing is to go to online sites and buy using their links. Spot The Watch gives you the capability of knowing the  technical details of the watch and reviews them thoroughly. You get to read the specifications and be assured of not getting fakes.

It is true that overall we tend to admonish the purchase of fake watches, but perhaps for reasons you might not expect. The replica watch industry, no matter how underground it may be, is still a billion dollar plus market each year. Timepieces are among the most mass produced fake items around, and for good reason: people want watches and watches are expensive. If you are curious about fake watches or the reasons people buy them. Or perhaps you just need to be talked out of it, head over to “The Truth about Replica Watches” here

  • Ulysses31

    Ha, Fauxrrari. I’m more into Shamborghini myself. Looks good with my genuine Ronex watch.

    • DG Cayse

      Ulysses31 I do believe that would be more correctly titled…”Homage de Cholex”…..(which I keep mentally associating with the word ‘cholo’ after having lived in so. cali for a number of years – a Mexican Rolex)

    • DG Cayse

      Ulysses31perhaps more correctly…””Homage du Cholex”…merci….;)

  • DG Cayse

    In response to your Forbes post and a comment there:

    Good points all Mr. Adams. I would add several more for consideration.
    The replica(rep) market has risen substantially in quality as a
    result of meeting the rising demands of their marketplace. They have
    done so with a much more modest rise in price than the “Swiss” makers.
    The rep market has expanded – as has the genuine(gen) market. Does the gen market understand the correlation? I think so.
    The gen market has significantly increased its parts and production
    commitment in the Asian (mostly Chinese, but increasingly in Thailand,
    Vietnam and Taiwan) areas. Does the recent ruling change re: ‘Swiss
    Made’ ring any bells?
    It can clearly be seen that a direct increase in the
    availability of watches that look, feel and operate within accepted
    functional parameters as the ‘Big Name’ offerings, yet cost 1/10th or
    less the price, have dramatically raised the public awareness of the
    ‘Big Name marques. Did they pay anything for this advertising? Do they
    benefit from it? Of course they do.
    While there are hideous, obscenely grotesques, apparitions of
    wrist-wear that appear in the rep world, these watches are worn by the
    lowest element who wouldn’t know an ETA from a Selita from a Miyota from
    a Sea Gull from a Hangzhou. But the cognoscente of the rep world have
    raised the awareness and appreciation for these differences.
    (Need we go into the effects of the Swatch co. and their embargo on
    ETA sales? The Chinese companies burn bai-bai in their honor for doing
    A couple of additional items – the attendant rise of
    after-market parts suppliers for these watches. Bands, dials, tools and
    all the various parts that previously were not in demand. These have
    contributed a pretty penny to a lot of people. Jobs and economic
    stimulus, eh?
    Also, a slow, but steady, revitalization of the watch repair community
    has, and is, happening as interest in these items has risen. The ADs
    won’t touch these ‘non-authorized’ items, thus a need has been created
    and is being filled.
    An aside: One of the cardinal rules in the rep world is that the
    first thing to do when one receives a rep watch – have a qualified watch
    repair person take it apart, clean and properly lube it and then
    regulate it. The water resistant procedures, crown, case, seals and
    crystal fit are usually done at this time also. That’s work for someone
    that previously did not exist.
    While I like your auto analogy, I think it is a bit off the mark.
    I would say a comparison to the “rice burner/tuner” world is more
    appropriate. And we can see how they have made significant impact up and
    down the supply chain.
    *disclaimer* – I do not own any “rep” or “homage” watches – all gens. However, I am sorely tempted to have a couple of what might be termed rep/homage watches built for me. Choosing the preferred parts and having these assembled by a competent watch maker is becoming more and more appealing as I learn about this option.

  • Lesthepom

    Yes I have had the displeasure of buying some fake watches it was an interesting experience as I could not afford the real thing buy a long way I chose to buy several fakes I never wore them a could not wear one and tell someone it was real living in a place with only one real watch shop the fakes was about a close as I would get to some of these top brand watches having some of these watches for 10 years plus the condition of them now shows how cheaply these watches are made some have gone green some have bits of the face floating around in the face some the hands rub on the face so although the watches did satisfy my curiosity having now purchased several genuine watches as Arial Points out a face will not fool a true watch nurd. I have seen some very good copies that would fool a watch expert until you take the case back off I did see one fake Rolex with the words crap in your hands engraved inside the case back LOL
    In my experience if you cannot afford the real thing just save and buy the best you can even if it is just a seiko citizen or swatch we all have to start some were and a fake is not a good place to start

  • Fraser Petrick

    At our Mexican resort they sold “Rolexes” for $300. Hmm, I thought. They look pretty good. Maybe $300 is whatRolex’s areworth and those rubes back home who pay thousands are being ripped off. I could wear a fake Rolex - and no one would care – except me. Damn! Why do I have to be such a snob?

  • RGM

    AS a collector and apprentice watchmaker one thing i do is volunteer for 3 hospital thrift stores (repairing watches) free and i see many many knock off watches of all makes, some just bad and others very well put together. I have taken the best off the street and destroyed them and the bad ones well you know what your buying (there are that bad). I would agree hole heartily that its a big problem and needs to be stopped. I know that we all cannot afford a top quality time piece but we all have to start somewhere.
    Stop the garbage

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  • NoleenELT

    In the article, you tell readers that fake watches being sold as real is very rare on ebay. This is extremely inaccurate, and a bit dangerous for someone who might buy something on ebay with a bit less scrutiny. There are A LOT of fake watches being sold as real on ebay. They are being sold by private sellers, and not distributors, but they are still out there. I am constantly reporting them to ebay, but I have never seen them actually respond or take any action.

  • marcusn27

    I think the better comparison is to owning a piece of art. The original is made of high quality materials, done to tight specifications, contains unique and interesting aspects and presents the owner as one who appreciates fine work by crafted workmen. There is also a market for well-made, less famous pieces done in methods that preserve some of the best characteristics of the famous ones. Some will say, “for my house in the corner, what does it matter if it is real or not? A copy of a famous piece of art works…. to a point”. And they are right, in the same way that a bad replica still tells time. But that is not what one buys with high end watches. If you appreciate the workmanship, you will buy a quality second tier watch and save for better; if not you can by a replica in the same way that you can get a functional quartz watch for $2.99 and up. Appreciating well-designed and well-built watches, whether one can afford them or not, is like appreciating good art. There are lots of consumers for the “knock-off” art dealers as well.

  • RogerScott

    In current scenario, there are plenty of replica stores easily accessible in the online market. It would be quite difficult for anyone to identify the genuine replica store. Even I too came into the trap of a replica store who offered me a forged replica of Swiss brand that too at higher price. Seriously I cant express my feelings with these words. But finally I told whole corruption story to one of my friend Marie then she suggested me to go with http://www.replicaking.hk/replica-watches.htm an online replica watches shop from where I made my purchase at a very low price. But I request you people to first check the registration number of any online shop which is registered or not.

  • DG Cayse

    leiheng Pure crap Micki…pure crap.

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