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Moon phase watches (or moonphase watches) are some of the most popular luxury watches. The moonphase complication on a mechanical watch is usually accomplished with a disc which indicates the phase the moon is in, but there are many creative ways watches use to display the phases of the moon. Browse through these articles and find your favorite!

時光飛逝,10 月已到尾聲,也代表數月後舉行的 SIHH 2017 快要來到,打頭陣的是 Vacheron Constantin(江詩丹頓)。這個有 261 年歷史的老牌將會展示的其中一個新表款,是其 Patrimony(傳承系列)中帶有月相及逆跳日曆功能的腕表 Patrimony 月相和逆跳日曆腕表。…
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony 月相和逆跳日曆腕表